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Business Opportunities in Mexico covers topics about some of the many ways American companies can take advantage of the growing Mexican consumer market.

MLM blog header EST 3 - Taking your MLM from ‘US Only’ to ‘Anywhere You Are’

Multi-level Marketing, or direct sales, has become much more than something your friend posted on Facebook. Multi-level marketing has increasingly proven to be a sustainable business model, one that more and more new businesses are turning to in an effort to engage their consumer audience. By utilizing brand advocates and encouraging representatives to spread their story, many MLM’s have sprouted, grown, and are ready to take root in new areas across the globe. But when is the right time for your MLM to cross the border? We spoke with our Direct Sales experts and got the latest news and tips on when to transition out of ‘US Only’ status.

Making the Decision

If you’re a sales representative who is fluent in Spanish and obtains permission from your company to expand to Mexico, you’re ready to go international. Likely, something that drew you towards direct sales was the openness to be your own boss, and this is a chance to make a business decision that helps to define that. No official title is required to expand your sales base across the border, just drive and knowledge. As we commonly share, new markets hold returns, so it may be time for you to own your management position within the company and expand your sales base (and income level).

Know the Basics

You have the decision making power, but do you have the basics down for logistics and shipping across the border? The answer is simple, you don’t have to. Our sales experts know the ins and outs of customs clearance, export laws, and MLM needs. We work with companies of all kinds and have the knowledge you need to cross the border to Mexico without hesitation. But if you’re a self-starter (like most MLM reps) we also share Inventory 101, warehousing tips, and import tax knowledge with you on a regular basis, because knowing what it all means it step one of seeing the results. We know that you’re always learning and are here to help you along the way.

Choose the right partners

We are members of the Direct Sales Association, which means we know who you know, and get the latest news too. As a supplier in the DSA, Estafeta provides assistance to MLM companies regarding the importation, exportation, fulfillment, and delivery of goods and services everywhere in Mexico (if none of that made sense, check out our quick reference dictionary). It also means that we know the answers to problems you may not have faced yet, and we are always willing to share our lessons learned. Our relationship with DSA benefits so many, and not just when we visit the Direct Sales Association Trade Show every year. We have the experience, relationships, and knowledge to help your MLM find new customers, increase returns, and expand to Mexico.

Talk to one of our shipping experts and see how much it really cost to export to Mexico, we’re guessing it’s less than you think.


WH2 1024x379 - Warehousing 101: Managing Your Inventory

As EstafetaUSA continues to offer customers warehousing services, our experts wanted to provide you and your team some education about Warehousing 101! As the leaders in providing full warehouse management for you and your company as they ship to Mexico, we’re devoted to educating our customers on the best ways to warehouse and keep your profits rising. EstafetaUSA has been offering everything from everyday management, to pick and pack forwarding, to simply helping your warehouse team navigate customers, with an eye on making sure your packages navigate safely and securely through Mexico. Our dedicated warehousing team, perfect for companies both big and small who have a continual need to serve customers in Mexico, have a big recommendation for these companies; know how to inventory!

Companies, big and small, have to quickly learn about inventory and what it means to them and their timeline (and bottom line.) We are happy to share our logistics knowledge to help businesses across the world streamline their shipping methods, no matter their level of experience with shipping. We know that inventory is one of the most crucial aspects of successful logistics and want to help professionals of all levels improve their operations with it.  Using these five methods, your business can maintain a consistent inventory without going out of your way or budget.

Set par levels

In most things, your aim is to be consistently below par. In shipping, “par” refers to the amount of inventory on hand (typically an amount designated by the purchasing department) at all times, and it’s an important level to be consistently at or above. By remaining at levels close to par, you are able to satisfy all customers and escalate sales without losing money on storage space for extra goods or risking spoilage of goods. It is also important to note that your par level may change as your business grows or trends emerge, while it may be a fluid metric at times it is important to have recorded for efficiency.


It’s one of the rules of business and life; finish the task at hand before starting something new. By utilizing a First-in-First-out method, you can reduce potential spoilage and avoid packaging damage as much as possible. While the ideal situation is to always sell your exact inventory amount, this is rarely a perfect science which means that sometimes items have to wait on the shelf until the next round of shipments. You need to minimize loss caused by those scenarios and maximize profit. The answer is as simple as selling oldest stock first and rotating product. Whether this is done manually or communicated to your warehouse staff, this crucial concept could save you significant amounts of spoiled or worn goods later on.

Regular Auditing

If you’re managing your own inventory, regular auditing it key in monitoring your product. By setting aside time to do a full inventory, you are able to update your product amounts and evaluate if your current tracking method is effective. If you find that your original numbers were far off, it may be time to consider inventory management methods that are automated to avoid human error. By allowing time for regular stock audits your business is forced to evaluate its methods and ensure that they are functioning as planned. Additionally, it can provide a written record of seasonal trends that can be used for training and forecasting of inventory. Audits aren’t a continual system but rather regular check-ups, they take time and man-power meaning it isn’t sustainable to do daily.

Perpetual Inventory System

In between regular auditing, it is important to have a perpetual inventory or real-time system that allows you to have constant updates on stock levels. This means keeping track of what is going out of stock and what is being reordered at all times, it can be an automated system or kept track of manually with very careful attention to detail. It is from this data that you are able to determine how close you are to your par levels, and how much of each product needs to be ordered to maintain balance. A system that can run continually is ideal as it allows you to manage details that are more variable while also providing the information needed for operations. Likely, your warehousing partner has systems in place to manage this for you and provide you the metrics needed but you may need to request it otherwise.

Trend Forecasting

By keeping meticulous data throughout the year, you are able to forecast future trends and prepare for them. While it’s natural to know what your busy seasons are, by getting in-depth with these results as well as cross-checking them with events, trade shows, or marketing initiatives that your company ran, it could mean data was left on the table that needs to be accounted for. By isolating this data and putting it to use, you can increase company efficiency and reduce cost without it having been replicated yet. For more common events, such as gifting holidays, you may be aware that you need triple the amount of normal inventory but it is important to write down exactly what amount to increase and when so it can be duplicated, as well as to detail which products.

Inventory and warehousing can be looming terms that are often feared and not fully understood. EstafetaUSA is proud to help businesses across the nation by managing and regulating their logistics needs. If you aren’t to that point yet, these methods will make a significant difference in your overhead costs and operations but we are always here to help.

Are you ready to save 30%-40% on your logistics costs with our experts? Contact us today.

blog header consolidation2 estafeta 1024x474 - Advantages of consolidating your services

Whether your business ships thousands of packages or is just starting out, it’s important to set up your services in the right place. While you could have one company assemble, another ship, and another continually fulfill those orders, finding a product partner that offers either the entirety of the services you are searching for, or even a portion of them, to limit touch points for daily for your business can have a significant impact. Whether your company ships 10 packages or warehouses 10,000, we have the services to help. We can manage as many or as few services as are needed to streamline your business and save you money.

For most larger businesses focused on buying, selling, or the need to transport, consolidation means storing your products in our warehouse and then shipping them from here. This makes a very large undertaking seem a bit smaller and cuts cost drastically by streamlining the process. You no longer have to communicate with 6 companies for an order but can simply hand it over to us.

For eCommerce retailers, brick and mortars, or other small buy-and-sell services, it means everything from pick & pack to sub-assembly, order fulfillment, and outbound administration. It also means as you grow, so do we. You may start with simple shipping needs and then as your office fills with boxes you realize it’s time to warehouse and we’re ready for that. We can build, store, ship, and care for your products in anyway you need.

Consolidation can be a bit of a broad term, but it is also a broad service. The breadth of service really depends upon your needs and customers, we adjust to fit what your company is most in need of and what is most efficient for you. So as you think about warehousing, shipments, tracking, assembly and more think of it all occurring under one roof to streamline communications, efficiency, and so much more. While streamlining can seem scary, it certainly has its merits.

More time for you

When your schedule no longer consists of contacting different companies and serving as the liaison for all issues, it becomes significantly more open. One call to our shipping agents, and questions and concerns regarding everything from tracking to assembly can be answered. If a change does arise, we can simply communicate within our lines instead of having to create a conference call of 6 businesses simply to inform them that a new screw will be used and the weight adjusted by 3 grams. Our streamlined process prevents us from being caught in semantics and enables us to focus on the larger tasks at hand.

Centralized information

When reporting season comes around, or you just want a quick update, our back office tracking systems enable you to get an update on all services within minutes. No more crazy charts detailing one small item, just log in to our portal and view updates, statuses, and tracking for every step of the process. Our user portal is simple and informative so that within a few minutes you have your answers and are ready to report back. Because when it’s all on one screen you can easily find your answers and move on with life.

Customized Help

Our bilingual staff are shipping experts who can answer every question you think up and make complex processes seem simple. We won’t send you to an FAQ document or a forum for help, our agents answer the phone every time and are happy to email you for any questions you may have. We won’t leave you in the dark about any process and won’t take days to respond, that’s just what we do. And if you’re not the phone type, we offer live chathat through our website 6 days a week which means the same real person answers your questions but without any background noise. Because when you’re trusting us with your companies products we understand how important that is and always want to keep you informed.

Fast Delivery

We know the fastest way to get your customers what they want is to have it all in one place and we have the perfect place to start. Telling your customers it could be 4 weeks before their product arrives rarely goes over well. We can cut that delivery time in half, with an average shipping time of 6-10 days from your business to theirs, that time is drastically shortened when it starts in our warehouses. We will store the supplies, assemble, fulfill, and ship orders for you at the click of a button. Not only do they get to your customers faster, you don’t have to worry about deadlines either.

As you grow, so do we.

Business is constantly changing, and a company that’s rigid simply can’t change with it. Our flexible services mean that no matter what the sales landscape- we are ready. We can match the level of service you need and expand whenever you do, so whether your company needs simple warehousing and shipping to full pick & pack and fulfillment services we can adjust. If you decide to grow from selling packaged snacks to selling frozen goods as well, you don’t have to switch companies and split costs. Our diverse services portfolio means we can manage everything from critical spare parts services to fulfillment to order tracking. And if your company is already grown, we are ready to take on the task with more than 200 locations across Mexico and warehouses along the border we are prepared for any workload.

Consolidating mans one less bill to pay

By focusing your services through Estafeta USA, you are able to pay one bill a month for all services rather than 20. We keep billing simple and straightforward so the one bill you do cover can be painless. Simplifying your monthly expenses is nothing to scoff at, especially if we can lower the overall cost and effort to pay. With every package we save you money and when that’s all added up it can leave a significant amount of extra money in your businesses pocket (30-40% to be exact).

So when you’re ready to consolidate your businesses shipping and fulfillment needs into one place our agents are ready to help. We know every step in warehousing and are ready to share our knowledge with you.

toptradeshows 1024x576 - Top eCommerce Shows for (The Rest Of) 2017As you and your company gear up to hit trade show season, the usual debate will come up as you begin planning. What trade show will help you gain leads? What trade show is most important to have multiple people attend, vs having one representative attend? What is the “big” trade show everyone should go to?

Especially in the e-commerce space, with limited resources (including employees, time, and budget) picking events and planning accordingly around expectations will help you and your team track gain. Instead of sending your whole team to every trade show, set expectations early, and plan your trips accordingly.

Our helpful guide is a one-stop shop for some of 2017’s best trade shows for learning, networking, and growing your business.

eTail Regional Conferences. Canada, May 16-18. Europe, June 20-22. East, August 14-17.
Each eTail event is crafted with care to be a fun, think-outside-the-box show that caters to people looking to learn. Certain shows provide extra-curricular activities to network, including a bowling reception and video game challenges at their Boston event. Bonus: Each conference has a downloadable attendee list to help you determine if it’s a good fit for your business.

DSA Conference. June 4-6.

Most ecommerce professionals have had a relationship with direct selling platforms, and the Direct Selling Association’s annual conference is a gathering of some of the top minds in the direct selling space, creating opportunities for independent contractors and entrepreneurs. With a great panel of speakers, and social events designed to get you to make connections based on your experience level (from new sellers to CEO’s), DSA has become a staple for independent employees and straight to consumer businesses, all across the country.

IRCE. June 6-9.
The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition is cultivated each year by Internet Retailer Magazine, with the show earning a reputation as being well-attended and humming with opportunity. Touting over 600 vendors, over 200 speakers, and more than 130 conferences, IRCE ensures the opportunity for participating businesses to talk to the right people and get the right information. If you’re hoping to stay ahead of the e-commerce trends, attendance at IRCE has become a must.

Retail Global. September 12-14.
97% of attendees of this annual show in Las Vegas said they would re-attend primarily due to the networking opportunities. Retail Global is highly regarded for the opportunities that are presented to network, as well as the education from the event, prestigious and knowledgeable keynote speakers, and high quality content strategies shared. If you’re looking to learn and network, Retail Global may need to be on your list of 2017 events to attend.

Shop.Org Digital Summit. September 25-27.’s annual convention is regarded as a who’s-who meetup in the digital space, with a known ecommerce player bringing together hundreds of companies doing business digitally to network and share ideas. With an impressive collection of future-forward options to improve sales and content,’s summit is a way to expand your list of contacts in the ecommerce space.

eCommerce Fuel. October 19-21.
Marketed as “the event for 6 & 7 figure store owners,” this meeting of the minds in the heart of Georgia is specifically designed for consumers who are looking for realistic, affordable solutions in the eCommerce space. With speakers and attendees with vast experience in the struggles of starting from the ground up, eCommerce “fuels” community conversation and networking to a very specific niche.

Attending the right trade show is a great way to gain business for your company. When it comes to getting them their product, Estafeta can help.

Auto Industry Logistics2 300x300 - Export to Mexico Logistics for the U.S. Auto IndustryMexico’s auto industry has grown steadily since the enactment of NAFTA over 20 years ago; today, the country accounts for about 18% of North American auto production, and is on track to overtake Japan and Canada as the United States’ no. 1 source of imported cars by the end of 2015. Big-name car manufacturers are taking notice of the rising auto industry: In February Honda opened its second plant in Mexico, and Mazda’s Salamanca, Mexico, plant began production in March. Additionally, exports from American giant General Motors, which pledged last year to invest almost $700 million in their Mexico facilities, more than doubled in May, according to Bloomberg.

Mexico’s position as a rising power in the auto industry presents several benefits for American manufacturers and dealers. Mexico’s manufacturing wages are significantly lower than other leading manufacturing companies such as China, while workmanship and productivity remains high. Additionally, the country’s strategic location means that manufacturers are able to ship parts to production facilities more quickly. However, manufactures still face challenges posed by cross-border shipping. Estafeta USA provides comprehensive logistics services tailored to the auto industry to expedite this process.

Comprehensive Inbound Logistics

Estafeta USA understands that sourcing parts from across the border can result in added complications. Estafeta provides end-to-end, comprehensive supply chain solutions aimed to ensure that your inventory remains stocked and your costs remain low.

Estafeta USA is your singular point of contact for comprehensive inbound logistics. Our cross-border logistics consultants work with you to determine a customized solution to meet your needs. Several of our inbound logistics services include:

Critical Parts Services

Estafeta USA knows that one of the most significant factors when it comes to staying competitive in the auto industry is the ability to get the right part to the right place at the right time. Our critical parts services ensure that this is possible by expediting the inbound transportation of mission critical parts from your suppliers to your production facilities with same-day deliveries and distribution anywhere in Mexico. Additionally, our strategically-located cross-border warehouse ensures that we can transport and retain assembly parts on a regular basis and in critical moments.

Aftermarket Services

Estafeta USA can help manage your inventory and add transparency to your supply chain. Our warehousing and distribution services ensure that your parts are delivered to clients and manufacturers on-time and efficiently. Some of our aftermarket services for the auto industry include:

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Outbound Administration
  • Pick and Pack
  • Kitting
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Distribution

Estafeta USA: Comprehensive Logistics Solutions for Exporting to Mexico

The rising auto industry in Mexico presents a number of opportunities for U.S. manufacturers. The country’s strategic location, affordable manufacturing fees and free trade agreements makes it an ideal location. However, shipping cross-border presents obstacles for U.S. manufacturers, particularly regarding the delivery of critical spare or replacement parts. Estafeta USA offers several logistics solutions tailored to the auto industry which aims to add visibility to and increase the efficiency of the supply chain process. Contact a cross-border logistics consultant today to learn more about how Estafeta USA can tailor their logistics services to meet your manufacturing needs.

For more news on the economic opportunities in Mexico, subscribe to our daily newsletter The Mexico Business & Logistics Source.

For any of our logistics services - LTL Shipping, Personal Imports or Express Parcel Delivery to Mexico - Call Estafeta USA Toll Free: 855-334-9150.