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Red tape is a major player in shipping to Mexico, and without the correct shipping partner it can become an even bigger pain. Estafeta USA uses dedicated customs and border agents to liaison with customs and make sure every shipment goes smoothly and without unexpected delays. Because when you’re ready for help, you need the experts.

As you try to navigate the crazy road of eCommerce we are here to avoid those potholes. By knowing what to expect, you know how to budget for exporting and can move your business into Mexico confidently.

  • If the declared package value is below $50, you don’t need to pay any additional taxes. It’s as simple as that, no import tax or crazy paperwork needed.
  • For packages with a declared value from $50 to $1,000, they will only incur the minimum sales tax of 16%. This is the general tax for all products in Mexico and consumers are used to this added cost.
  • For shipments with values over $1,000, we’ll put you in touch with our shipping experts to walk you through the network of taxes and additional duties that may be relevant to your shipment, and outline your choices and best suggestions for your particular shipment.

The shipping world can make for a confusing place, but placing your business in the hands of those who specialize in exporting can make the difference between painless shipping and constant headaches.

If you’re ready to share your business with Mexico, let Estafeta USA help you in that transition and take your success to new heights.

We talk with plenty of customers in a day, but some of the most common are eCommerce owners who are out of their scope. Oftentimes, business owners are amazing with day to day challenges, but have a harder time adjusting to consequences when it comes to shipping. They shared with us what some of their most commons concerns are, and how to avoid them the next time you need to ship.

1. Lost Merchandise
It’s one of the most common problems when it comes to shipping; simply losing a package. You feel the excitement of finding just the right item at the right price and anxiously await its arrival only to see 2 weeks later that it is now located across the globe.Often, the issue occurs in handover; whether it’s one company shipping within the country who loses the package at a shipping center, or more frequently, when an international shipment goes through multiple companies and shipping systems. Estafeta USA avoids that by having the most expansive shipping across Mexico, as well as using the most efficient routes to the widest range of places, so your package won’t accidentally wind up in Cancun if it was aiming for Ensenada.

2. Damaged Products
You spend hours creating the perfect product and making sure the client knows they need it. Every item deserves to be handled carefully, just like you would . While packaging can play a role in ensuring safe arrival of products, handling is generally the largest factor. After all of your care and work, you can rare be provided a guarantee that your shipping partner values it as much as you do. Estafeta USA understands the value of your items and works to make sure each one is handled with care. We also offer insurance options for the more nervous of the group, because when it’s yours you can never be too careful. We won’t let your labor of love go to waste now or ever.

3. Pricing
In the search for a product, customers consider many things, namely, price. They pick your store because of your hard work in lowering costs for them. But after seeing it in their cart with the added shipping costs, it wasn’t so appealing. Cart abandoned.

According to the e-Tailing Group, 80% of customers prefer to shop online in order to better research the products and prices, make sure you come out on top in that calculation. Whether you’re just starting out or an established eCommerce business, you work hard to make sure you have the best prices. Don’t let shipping costs drive customers away and costs up; make sure you’re getting the best price for the best service.

4. Want vs. Need
The difference between a want and a need when it comes to shipping all comes down to the time it takes to hit the button. While a “need” purchase is a function of simple pricing and how soon you’ll get it, a “want” purchase leaves more elements to chance. Likely, it’s not the only impulse buy in your cart, it may not need to be ordered “right now” meaning the page requires a few visits to return to before the order is processed (if it ever is), and a product may end up getting left out altogether if it’s not the biggest want in the cart. By making shipping easier, especially internationally, you remove a factor you can control in hopes that the ones influence these decisions less. Remove that obstacle for your customers in Mexico and make shipping just as easy as ordering.

5. Tracking Errors
In a world of data, customers love nothing more than up to date information.Thanks to our expansive shipping across Mexico, we offer GPS tracking that allows you to stay up to date wherever your package is. We offer GPS tracking on all LTL shipments at no extra cost so you’ll know what’s going on every step of the way without any extra effort. Allowing you to keep up in this digital data driven world, without missing a step or adding something to your to-do list.

6. The Shipping Void
When running your own business you can never have enough support, many small business owners grow attached to their products. After all, they were imagined, assembled, and sold from the comfort of their home. Shipping those products should feel less like throwing it over a canyon and more like trusting a friend. We answer your calls anytime and our drivers are there to support you.

7. Packaging Costs
From handcrafted lamps to custom made tables, your business is as unique as it’s products. Is it better to ship a pallet of under-filled boxed or awkward items one at a time? Don’t waste money on shape if you don’t have to. Talk to our LTL experts to see what the lowest cost would be for you because the answer should be specific to you, and your unique needs.

8. Overwhelming Logistics
Sometimes the problems stems from nothing more than workload. Spending your time in one industry can cause tunnel vision and trying to explore the logistics world seems like an impossible task. We are here to take care of the logistics side so that you can focus on whatever makes you happy. After all, you spent years preparing for your role now and you don’t have time to waste learning another. So take one more task off your list and let us help you with shipping.

9. Reputation Concerns
Repeated moments in shipping that hurt one client, tend to cause a ripple effect that increasingly affects a business’s reputation, especially through digital platforms.Time spent building a businesses reputation shouldn’t be discounted because of a few bad reviews. Bolster your brand by ensuring that your shipping partner cares as much about the customer experience as you do. Your reputation will remain spotless and you can rest easier knowing there is one less thing to worry about.

10. Feeling Small
In the midst of shipping and providing for your customers, especially with international challenges, it’s easy to give into the mindset that shipping certain ways can be too challenging and it may not be worth it for your business. With the right partner, shipping can be made into a turnkey experience, no matter how big or small your shipment is. Your business deserves to benefit in every way possible and we are here to help you in that process.

Cross Border Reverse Logistics from Mexico to US

With ecommerce returns happening at a higher rate than with physical stores, e-retailers face a greater reverse logistics challenge to maintain customer satisfaction. The returns process is further complicated when shipping from the US to Mexico, with the border, customs and duty to consider.

For their marketplace sellers, Amazon adds more complexity by absolutely insisting that its US international merchants have a local (Mexico) return address or offer free shipment for returns.

Estafeta USA can make returns from easy for you and tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Forwarding Service for Returned Goods

Let Estafeta setup a local Mexico address for you as your returns address in Mexico. We have 1100 Estafeta POS offices in Mexico (the largest network in the country) to serve your customers. Or arrange a pickup.

Returned goods can then be shipped to wherever the seller wishes: back to your warehouse in the US or to your recommerce partner.

The forwarding service is:

  • Reliable
  • Insured
  • Secure

Returns Consolidation

If you have high sales volumes in Mexico and high returns as well, Estafeta can consolidate returns before shipping them back to the US in order to minimize shipping and handling costs. Duties and taxes depend on the product.

End-to-End Seamless Logistics Solution

For a complete solution, trust Estafeta to handle all the logistics for getting your products from point of origin in the US to customers in Mexico, as well as handling any returns.

Talk to an Estafeta USA Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics Specialist to get your products to customers Mexico and also  handle returns seamlessly and reliably.

Call Toll Free: 1-866-518-6600 or send us an email.

USA to Mexico Cross Border Logistics

The Mexican internet retail market is booming. Now is the time for US e-retailers looking for international growth to participate in the surge.

  • E-commerce in Mexico has grown a staggering 400% over the last five years
  • Online shopping sales is predicted to increase a further 150% by 2018 over 2013

What is happening to cause this?

Internet usage is up

  • 2,000% growth in internet use since the year 2000
  • 2% of the 122.3 million Mexicans are now connected
  • 89% of people now own a PC or laptop
  • 81% own a smartphone and 55% own a tablet
  • 75% of internet users now say that they buy online

Attitudes are changing to buying online

  • Online B2C e-commerce expanded over 400% in the last five years
  • Online sales are predicted to grow from 20% to 35% annually and reach $5.5 billion by 2018.
  • People browse across all devices but prefer to purchase through a desktop PC or laptop
  • Smartphone and tablet use are expected to continue on an upward trajectory
  • Credit card use is increasing

Big brands are more trustworthy and familiar

  • Big brands (particularly US brands) are preferred because they are more trustworthy.
  • There are comparatively few home-grown online shopping sites in Mexico – good news (at the moment) for US retailers.

Social media is growing in popularity

  • Mexico has 50 million active Facebook users which you can reach with targeted ads
  • On average, Mexicans now spend 3 hours 46 mins on social platforms per day

Source: Orban Digital

Many factors are converging to make it easier for US e-commerce retailers expand into Mexico.

Get your e-commerce in Mexico started now!

Talk to an Estafeta USA Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics Specialist to get your products to customers Mexico seamlessly and reliably.

Call Toll Free: 1-866-518-6600



The US holiday shopping season is about to go into high gear.

Take advantage of all the deals, coupons and sales from US e-commerce retailers with your US “Ship To” address from Estafeta.

As you move from site to site and check-out your carts, use your Mexico address as the “Billing Address” and your US Estafeta address for the “Ship To” address. The retailers will send your packages to our warehouse in Laredo, TX. When your packages arrive, we will advise you of taxes, duty and delivery date. Estafeta will delivery to your address Mexico.

Black Friday November 27, 2015

Although considered an in-store event, many Black Friday deals, including the door-buster deals, have been offered online by stores in past. Also, a large retailer may have separate items for online sales in addition to Black Friday in-store sales. There would be plenty of deals. Look especially for great technology and kitchen appliance deals.

Cyber Monday November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. This day is all about on-line sales, especially fashion.

Green Monday December 14, 2015

On this day, most major retailers start their sales online at midnight. Green Monday is the Monday with at least 10 days prior to Christmas.

Where to find the deals?

When it comes to sales, you need to be at the head of the pack. is a sale site aggregator. You can view deals as they hit the street and get alerts when they do. The site shows scans of sales ads, fliers and catalogs as they are released and an easy link to retailer site.

 Take advantage of the free shipping to a USA address offered by US retailers and Estafeta U.S.A. will ship your purchases to you in Mexico.

Still need a U.S. Ship-To address? Sign up now!

For any of our logistics services – LTL Shipping, Personal Imports or Express Parcel Delivery to Mexico –
Call Estafeta USA Toll Free: 855-334-9150.