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Why Export to Mexico & How

Why Export to Mexico - Why Export to Mexico & How

Mexico is open for business. If you are a U.S. retailer, you should be open in Mexico too.

There is no better time for U.S. retailers to export products to the Mexican consumer market and grow internationally.

  • The Middle Class is Expanding: Mexico is a manufacturing powerhouse and that means jobs that provide a growing middle class with more disposable income to purchase U.S consumer products.
  • Competition is Low & Demand is High: The number of U.S. retailers who export to the country remains low and there is high demand for U.S. products. You would be well-positioned to carve out a niche in a largely untapped market
  • Location is Convenient: The close proximity keeps freight cost very low and dock-to-door deliveries often take less than a week.
  • Mexico is Trade Friendly: NAFTA has lifted all tariffs on all exports to Mexico. This has made a large impact on the Mexican economy and can make an impact your growth too.

How to Export to Mexico

You have a native Mexican third party logistics provider who can show you how. Estafeta can provide all the seamless logistical support you have come to expect from a global logistics company, plus scale, local knowledge of Mexico and experience second to none.

Export to Mexico, Grow with Mexico, Deliver Mexico with Estafeta.

export to mexico1 - Why Export to Mexico & How


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