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Buy in the USA & Ship to Mexico

It’s Easy to Ship Your Personal Purchases to Mexico

When you buy goods online from a merchant in the US or when you buy an item in a US store, you can have it shipped anywhere in Mexico by Estafeta.

We will provide door-to-door pick-up and delivery, and even assist with customs paperwork if needed.

Online Order

  • Option1: Have your purchase shipped to our warehouse: Estafeta USA
    5802 Bob Bullock Loop. Bldg. C
    Laredo, TX 78041-8813
  • Option 2: We can arrange pick-up from any US address. Call us at 855-334-9150.

In-Store Purchase

  • Option 1: Ask the store to ship to our warehouse:Estafeta USA
    5802 Bob Bullock Loop. Bldg. C-1
    Laredo, TX 78041-8813
  • Option 2: Arrange for delivery to our warehouse yourself.
  • Option 3: We can arrange pick-up from the store or any other location. Call us at 855-334-9150.

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Let us deliver your U.S. orders to you in Mexico with our
FREE USA “Ship To” Address Service.

For any of our logistics services - LTL Shipping, Personal Imports or Express Parcel Delivery to Mexico - Call Estafeta USA Toll Free: 855-334-9150.