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Growing eCommerce into Mexico


Your company, like many others, may believe that it doesn’t ship enough items or receive enough orders
to begin shipping internationally. However, do you often consider looking into shipping solutions, just in
case? Is such planning and preparation worth your company’s time and money? Estafeta believes it’s
certainly worth it, especially if you’re considering beginning your international journey with shipments
to Mexico.

Proximity Makes Entry to International Markets Easier

If your business is just warming up to the idea of shipping its products outside of the U.S., the proximity
of Mexico may make the transition a bit easier. EstafetaUSA specializes in the shipping across the U.S.
border. In fact, we are the best resource available for the transition. Shipping internationally, especially
consistently, is a laborious undertaking for businesses, and the possibility of ground shipping to
Mexico makes a large task a bit more manageable.

Returns from Untapped Markets

When your business reaches its goal in the US, you can’t just turn in for the day. Expanding to new
markets is the next step. However, what comes before diving in? The predecessor to any great business
success is research. Knowing who your audience is in the new market, where your business base is
within the market, and what niche you wish to pursue is key.

While larger businesses may have more abundant resources to pull from for this research, even those
with smaller resource pools can take the time to ensure they are fully prepared before entering a
market. The most simplistic step of this research is to gather what customers you have requesting your
services now. Whether that be on Twitter, in email, or across your website, use those conversations to
encourage word-of-mouth among their community.

By beginning with this audience, you can see where your current customer base is and begin
conversations in nearby areas to feed that growth.

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