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NOM Compliance when Exporting and Shipping to Mexico

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NOM compliance is required when exporting to Mexico

Exporting items to Mexico requires that you follow a few rules and regulations. Having the Norm Oficial Mexicana (NOM) compliance is mandatory for some products at the moment they are exported to Mexico. NOM is a technical regulation issued by authorized agencies that are designed to enforce the minimum safety requirements for products, facilities, packaging, etc.

NOM regulations can be divided into two categories: commercial information requirements and product safety requirements. Commercial information requirements can include importer of record, country of origin, electrical ratings and warranty information. All information must be in Spanish.

Products that must meet product safety requirements can include electrical and electronic products or gas-operated products. Laboratory testing is required on these products in order to obtain NOM certification.

Logistics companies that specialize in exporting items into Mexico will see that all items meet NOM regulations. Partnering with such a company can help ensure your products enter Mexico and reach your customers as quickly as possible.

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