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Taking your MLM from ‘US Only’ to ‘Anywhere You Are’

MLM blog header EST 3 - Taking your MLM from ‘US Only’ to ‘Anywhere You Are’

Multi-level Marketing, or direct sales, has become much more than something your friend posted on Facebook. Multi-level marketing has increasingly proven to be a sustainable business model, one that more and more new businesses are turning to in an effort to engage their consumer audience. By utilizing brand advocates and encouraging representatives to spread their story, many MLM’s have sprouted, grown, and are ready to take root in new areas across the globe. But when is the right time for your MLM to cross the border? We spoke with our Direct Sales experts and got the latest news and tips on when to transition out of ‘US Only’ status.

Making the Decision

If you’re a sales representative who is fluent in Spanish and obtains permission from your company to expand to Mexico, you’re ready to go international. Likely, something that drew you towards direct sales was the openness to be your own boss, and this is a chance to make a business decision that helps to define that. No official title is required to expand your sales base across the border, just drive and knowledge. As we commonly share, new markets hold returns, so it may be time for you to own your management position within the company and expand your sales base (and income level).

Know the Basics

You have the decision making power, but do you have the basics down for logistics and shipping across the border? The answer is simple, you don’t have to. Our sales experts know the ins and outs of customs clearance, export laws, and MLM needs. We work with companies of all kinds and have the knowledge you need to cross the border to Mexico without hesitation. But if you’re a self-starter (like most MLM reps) we also share Inventory 101, warehousing tips, and import tax knowledge with you on a regular basis, because knowing what it all means it step one of seeing the results. We know that you’re always learning and are here to help you along the way.

Choose the right partners

We are members of the Direct Sales Association, which means we know who you know, and get the latest news too. As a supplier in the DSA, Estafeta provides assistance to MLM companies regarding the importation, exportation, fulfillment, and delivery of goods and services everywhere in Mexico (if none of that made sense, check out our quick reference dictionary). It also means that we know the answers to problems you may not have faced yet, and we are always willing to share our lessons learned. Our relationship with DSA benefits so many, and not just when we visit the Direct Sales Association Trade Show every year. We have the experience, relationships, and knowledge to help your MLM find new customers, increase returns, and expand to Mexico.

Talk to one of our shipping experts and see how much it really cost to export to Mexico, we’re guessing it’s less than you think.


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