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Top eCommerce Shows for (The Rest Of) 2017

toptradeshows 1024x576 - Top eCommerce Shows for (The Rest Of) 2017As you and your company gear up to hit trade show season, the usual debate will come up as you begin planning. What trade show will help you gain leads? What trade show is most important to have multiple people attend, vs having one representative attend? What is the “big” trade show everyone should go to?

Especially in the e-commerce space, with limited resources (including employees, time, and budget) picking events and planning accordingly around expectations will help you and your team track gain. Instead of sending your whole team to every trade show, set expectations early, and plan your trips accordingly.

Our helpful guide is a one-stop shop for some of 2017’s best trade shows for learning, networking, and growing your business.

eTail Regional Conferences. Canada, May 16-18. Europe, June 20-22. East, August 14-17.
Each eTail event is crafted with care to be a fun, think-outside-the-box show that caters to people looking to learn. Certain shows provide extra-curricular activities to network, including a bowling reception and video game challenges at their Boston event. Bonus: Each conference has a downloadable attendee list to help you determine if it’s a good fit for your business.

DSA Conference. June 4-6.

Most ecommerce professionals have had a relationship with direct selling platforms, and the Direct Selling Association’s annual conference is a gathering of some of the top minds in the direct selling space, creating opportunities for independent contractors and entrepreneurs. With a great panel of speakers, and social events designed to get you to make connections based on your experience level (from new sellers to CEO’s), DSA has become a staple for independent employees and straight to consumer businesses, all across the country.

IRCE. June 6-9.
The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition is cultivated each year by Internet Retailer Magazine, with the show earning a reputation as being well-attended and humming with opportunity. Touting over 600 vendors, over 200 speakers, and more than 130 conferences, IRCE ensures the opportunity for participating businesses to talk to the right people and get the right information. If you’re hoping to stay ahead of the e-commerce trends, attendance at IRCE has become a must.

Retail Global. September 12-14.
97% of attendees of this annual show in Las Vegas said they would re-attend primarily due to the networking opportunities. Retail Global is highly regarded for the opportunities that are presented to network, as well as the education from the event, prestigious and knowledgeable keynote speakers, and high quality content strategies shared. If you’re looking to learn and network, Retail Global may need to be on your list of 2017 events to attend.

Shop.Org Digital Summit. September 25-27.
Shop.org’s annual convention is regarded as a who’s-who meetup in the digital space, with a known ecommerce player bringing together hundreds of companies doing business digitally to network and share ideas. With an impressive collection of future-forward options to improve sales and content, Shop.org’s summit is a way to expand your list of contacts in the ecommerce space.

eCommerce Fuel. October 19-21.
Marketed as “the event for 6 & 7 figure store owners,” this meeting of the minds in the heart of Georgia is specifically designed for consumers who are looking for realistic, affordable solutions in the eCommerce space. With speakers and attendees with vast experience in the struggles of starting from the ground up, eCommerce “fuels” community conversation and networking to a very specific niche.

Attending the right trade show is a great way to gain business for your company. When it comes to getting them their product, Estafeta can help.

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