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Cross Border Warehousing USMX Legend 300x247 - Warehousing Services for US E-commerce Companies Shipping to Mexico

Estafeta U.S.A. cross-border warehouse is located in Laredo, Texas, very close to the U.S. – Mexico border. This makes it ideally situated to meet the needs of American E-Commerce companies that do not have a warehouse in Mexico, yet need to ship products to their customers there.

With Estafeta warehousing services, E-commerce companies have a high level of control over their inventory. Also, by delaying the finishing stages of order fulfillment (e.g. pick and pack) until a specific order is received, Estafeta allows businesses to keep their inventory costs low, and reduces inventory waste.

Depending on your needs, Estafeta’s warehousing services can include any or all of the following services (and even more):

E-Commerce Fulfillment – Estafeta USA simplifies the process by offering value-added e-commerce order fulfillment at its cross-border warehouse locations, ensuring that products reach customers without delay.

On-Demand Fulfillment – Estafeta offers on-demand E-commerce order fulfillment. This is a cost effective service which ensures that orders are fulfilled according to the need of the requester / customer (i.e. “on-demand”), instead of finished products inventoried in bulk.

Labeling ServicesEnsuring that your shipment is addressed properly is vital to delivering products to your customers in the minimum amount of time and without any hassle – like being delayed at the border. Estafeta provides packaging services to ensure that your shipment is labeled correctly.

Order Tracking – Estafeta uses a world class SAP-based Warehouse Management System and a GPS telecommunications network to track product status 24/7 from pick-up or receipt at our U.S. warehouse, to final delivery in your customer hands and verified electronic proof of delivery.

Real-time reports on inventory levels and deliveries are tailored to meet customer needs.

NOM ComplianceNorm Oficial Mexicana (Official Mexican Standard), abbreviated NOM, is a Mexican law that applies to specific classes of products being exported to Mexico, such as electronics. These products must meet NOM requirements before they can be imported. Once products have been found to be in compliance with NOM, a certificate is issued and the products are given the official NOM mark of approval. Estafeta will help facilitate the NOM certification if necessary. Our experienced team will ensure that all items meet NOM regulations and deliver your products to your customers in Mexico as quickly as possible.

Reverse Logistics (Returns) – Estafeta recognizes that the top concern of customers shipping cross-border is often returns. To deal with this, we offer international return solutions for easy, reliable returns policy. Return services include GPS tracking and return confirmation.

Contact Estafeta’s cross-border logistics consultants with any questions, and to learn more about customized, E-commerce warehousing solutions and options for doing business in Mexico.

For any of our logistics services - LTL Shipping, Personal Imports or Express Parcel Delivery to Mexico - Call Estafeta USA Toll Free: 855-334-9150.